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Voucher Redemption

STEP 1. Please fill in the form below to redeem your Voucher and NOW FOLLOW STEPS 2-3 BELOW AND PLEASE ADD allergytestinguk@gmail.com to your contact list or send us a blank email, to ensure your results do not go into your spam folders,if you do not add us as a contact we cannot be responsible for results which end up In your spam and we will charge a admin fee of £10 to re send them..

Full Name

Input Voucher Code,Not Order Number,Input Type of Test Purchased & Expiry Date

Telephone Number


Once you've submitted your Voucher Number.PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS 2- 3 BELOW.

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STEP 2.Please complete the Health questionnaire below.

Please Click Here to fill in our Health Questionaire.Please DO NOT use a Mobile to complete the questionnaire,use a PC/Laptop/Tablet . Once you are finished, please SUBMIT AND YOU MUST SAVE A COPY for yourself as we may ask for this if Technology Fails . You have 3 options to save the information -1) Print it out .2) Take screen Shots .3 ) Save as a PDF.

When you have submitted your form a message will appear saying 'Thank you for submitting your form' and to show a member of staff( ignore show a member of staff) The Test has now be sent to us.

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STEP 3. How do I get my hair test?

  • Attach 1/2 inch of cut hair from your head,about a teaspoon, and the same width (see picture).We do not accept any other hair from the body. Coloured hair is ok.

  • Please put Hair Samples in Separate envelope ( Envelope A) and seal it.

  • IMPORTANT : Write on the Envelope A.


  • Envelope B. Print off Original Voucher, and place inside envelope with Envelope A.

    If the Voucher is not included in the envelope,the test will not be carried out, so make sure you print it off.
    Please ensure you put the correct postage on the envelope as we do not pay /collect underpaid mail.

  • ( On Envelope B ) write - Allergy Testing UK,Victoria House,Victoria Terrace,Chorley,Lancashire,PR6 7AA

IF ANY of the information we require is not sent or incorrect via email or post we will be unable to carry out the test.

Our Office opening hours are Mon- Fri 9am - 5pm.

Voucher Redemption . Hair Sample 1


Please see the picture on the right hand side.Coloured hair is OK,but not bleached.

Depending on what test you have purchased you will also receive :­

  • A full analysis of your hair, given at the time of testing
  • Comprehensive Report of Results via email.
  • Depending on what test is purchased }- A Basic Test will cover only Wheat and Dairy.The Basic + Test Will show the Top 10 food items that you are Intolerant to,and in The Advanced Test ,we will show the Top 15 Food Items you are Intolerant to as well as your Top Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies .
  • A Report covering your Nutritional Deficiencies, or Food Intolerances depending on what test is purchased.
  • A comprehensive Health E Book .
  • Description of individualised Supplement Deficiencies ( Supplements not included and depending on what test)
  • The Voucher is for a Test Only,No telephone or Email Support is offered( Prices for support are listed on our Terms and Conditions pages)
  • By submitting your Voucher for Redemption you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions as listed on our Terms and Conditions pages.

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