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Buy Your Tests Here: a unique 4-Step postal hair/Blood test service

Step 1: Choose your Test

Choose your Test from the following, below.

  • Bronze Food Test (hair) £55
  • Copper Food Test (hair) £75
  • Silver Food Test (hair) £110
  • Gold Food Test (hair) £160
  • Digestive Health Test £ 140
  • Irritable Bowel Health Test (blood) £185
  • Food Allergy IgG 50 Foods (blood) £85
  • Food Allergy IgG 110 Foods (blood) £159
  • Food Allergy IgG 270 Foods (blood) £329
  • Lactose/Casein (blood) £59
  • Histamine (blood) £59
  • Allergies to Pollens, Grasses, Weeds (blood) £59
  • Allergies to Moulds/Fungus (blood) £49
  • Allergy to Dust (blood) £39
  • Pet Hair Allergy (blood) £59
  • Candida (blood) £75
  • Heavy Metals (hair) £89
  • Mineral Deficiencies (hair) £ 65
  • Vitamin Deficiencies (blood) £ 65

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Step 2: Answer our Questionaire

Please click here to fill in our Health Questionaire AND SUBMIT IT also ,Please take a copy on your PC by clicking File,Save as( save as a PDF).Do not complete this questionnaire on a Mobile device or tablet,only complete on a PC/Laptop.

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Step 3: Collect your sample

Depending on what you have purchased, please email us after your purchase ,so we can send out your Blood Testing Kit as soon as possible. If you have purchased a hair test,then please collect about 1­/2 inch thick of hair,in length which must be that length. Place the hair sample in a separate plain envelope with your name , address ,email and telephone number clearly written on the front.

Allergy Testing UK Group
Victoria House, Victoria Terrace
Lancashire PR6 7AA

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Step 4: Payment

Please make your Test selection from the menus below and proceed to Paypal for payment.

General Tests:

Your Test

More Tests :


Price includes:

  • analysis
  • Comprehensive email of results with the TOP 15 ITEMS listed that need to be avoided.
  • Prescription of an individualised supplement programme (supplements not included)
  • Email Support*priced at £5 per email if required.
  • A 4-week follow-up call to see how you are getting on with your programme,this needs to be pre booked in with our team,and is available for those who need it .

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