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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you test?
The Allergy Testing Group is immensely proud to be able to offer to the public in the UK this exciting and revolutionary Health Tests. It is unique and one of the only few of its kind in the UK which offers the full holistic picture, with our knowledge of the body and its nutritional needs.

We use samples of hair or blood to carry out our testing,depending on what type of test you purchase.

The Test for hair is carried out by our Bio­ Resonance System,the only system in the world that has been given Government Approval and Accreditation by the FDA ( Federal Drug Administration) for its accuracy in testing ability.

Blood Testing is carried out either by ourselves or by a private Blood Testing Laboratory who we have affiliations with and are based in the UK and abroad.

Q. How do I get my hairier Blood Test?

If you are having a IgG Blood Test,please call us for a Blood Testing Kit, If you are having a hair test the,please attach 1/2 inches thickness of CUT hair from head.Please put the hair samples in a separate plain envelope and write your name, address and email address on the envelope.Place that in another envelope and post to :

The Allergy Testing Group
Victoria House,Victoria Terrace
Lancashire PR6 7AA

Q. What do I get with my Hair/Blood Test?
Depending on what test you have purchased you will also receive :­

  • A full analysis of your hair/blood given at the time of testing ,showing the level of sensitivity or deficiency.We do not do % or raw data analysis.We just record score levels.
  • Comprehensive Report of Results via email containing information related to your Test.
  • Prescription of individualised supplements that are needed ( depends on test)
  • Email and Telephone support is not available for those with Company Vouchers.

    Q. When and how will I get my results?
    You simply post off your hair/blood sample to us and you will receive your report within 21-­28 working days.

    Q. Does the Bio Resonance System diagnose diseases?
    No. The it detects subtle organ stress, nutritional deficiencies and other biochemical and bio­energetic imbalances in the body. For example, a person may have been previously diagnosed with heart disease. The Bio Resonance System may detect excessive inflammation, essential fatty acid deficiency, and adrenal stress in that person.

    Q.Is Bio Resonance seen as a Medical Test ?

    No, Bio-Resonance Testing is used Worldwide in many countries especially the USA,Russia,Scandinavia. using hair testing can be used remotely to gain an insight into someones bio energetic state and is non invasive and offers very accurate results.

    Q. How long do I wait before having Re­test?

    We usually recommend most people wait 6­-8 weeks, but this does vary depending on your health concerns and individually prescribed supplements and desensitisation programmes you have been told to take.

    Q. After my Food Test I was recommended to purchase a number of health supplements,can I get them at my local supermarket?
    When you receive your report with the prescription, you may feel that you would want to buy products from another source to deal with your health problem. Unfortunately this could actually make matters worse as we would not know if they could affect you adversely because of the ‘fillers' they might contain such as talc, titanium dioxide, colourants, chemical sweeteners, stearates (wax) or additives which could cause a problem if taken over a period of time. Therefore, we want to be safe and we want to treat you in the best way possible.

    We feel ‘safe as houses’ with The Suppliers we recommend as the purity of their products is second to none. Products from another supplier would be unknown to us as to their efficacy, purity and general effectiveness to deal with your condition. We would be unable to give you the after­care you need due to our lack of knowledge of another manufacturer’s nutritional supplements.

    Q. On my test, an allergy to pollens,weeds,grasses,shrubs and trees was identified,and you recommended a course of Homoeopathic Desensitization for each one,how long will it take to help my Hay Fever and Sinus problem?
    Once you have completed your Homoeopathic Desensitisation to a individual allergen, like pollens,we move on to the next allergen to weeds and then grasses etc,this process cannot be rushed as each remedy has to be taken for a specific amount of time,the remedies desensitise your reaction to the substance and strengthen the immune system,it is not a quick fix,but a carefully planned,gentle non drug approach ,which in time,helps heal your reaction,and stops you being a hay fever sufferer.

    Q. How do I take my Homoeopathic Desensitisation Remedy?
    In the first instance you must avoid : Coffee,Tea,and any mint products including toothpaste,as these will deactivate the remedy. Take one pillule 15 minutes away from any food or drink,and place in the mouth,do not make contact with the hands ,but gently place in the mouth and suck until the pillule has dissolved.

    Q. I have a baby and cant use the pillule method,what other mediums do you have?
    We can make a liquid remedy and the drops can be placed in the child’s mouth.

    Q. How much do the Desensitisation Remedies cost?
    Each remedy costs £6.95 plus £1 p&p

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